Premium Built-in Kitchen Appliances

Elevate your Kitchen with Built-In Appliances

When it comes to kitchen appliances, the sky is the limit. Kitchen appliances are available to suit every style, from colossal kitchens to tiny spaces and from gourmet cooks to amateur re-heaters. They'll make your kitchen experience more enjoyable as well as more functional. You can elevate any kitchen (regardless of its size) by choosing from the wide range of built-in appliances available; here is how.

1) Built-In Appliances Maximize Space

Built-in appliances are a hallmark of a high-end kitchen, but they also work well in small spaces. Due to its ability to be installed right up against the wall, this little bit of extra space makes a massive difference in ease of use and enjoyment in a small kitchen. Built-in appliances help maximize space so effectively that they are becoming increasingly popular in small kitchens as well as the choice of savvy home cooks.

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2) Built-In Appliances Create a Seamless & Streamlined Look

Built-in appliances help create a streamlined look for your kitchen. When the built-in fridge and dishwasher are panelled to match your cabinetry, it allows the focal point to be something like a central island or an out-of-the-ordinary stovetop.

A kitchen with black cabinets

3) Built-In Appliances Offer Flexibility

By combining built-in appliances with stand-alone ones, you can make the most of your kitchen's design and budget. There is no kitchen law mandating that all appliances must be one or the other, giving you the chance to make your kitchen the best it can be with the best appliance. In addition, built-ins can offer flexibility by providing the opportunity to choose a gas stovetop and electric oven, versus a stand-alone that offers only one option. Many bakers have both built-in electric ovens and gas stovetops for this very reason; they can enjoy the best of both worlds for cooking and baking.

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Need help figuring out what built-in appliances are right for you? Visit Kitchen Stories and get to know the products before you purchase. Their experts can provide insight on the appliances you are researching, its features, and how it compares to other appliances in the same category.

When in store, make sure to touch the products, touch the buttons and the drawers and open the doors. A Kitchen Stories appliance expert can help guide you through your purchase and make you feel confident in your product choices.

We wish you happy appliance shopping and look forward to being part of the journey.