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5 Best stylish modular kitchen layouts for you.

When it comes to modern homes, the kitchen has evolved from closed-off rooms to areas where the whole family comes together. When it comes to remodelling it, a lot of factors come into play. One of them is the layout of your home and how the main design components you want to include.

Here are the most popular and stylish kitchen layouts for a small or big kitchen.

L-Shaped Kitchen:

It is a popular kitchen layout for attached dining areas. It is a versatile style and gives you space to walk around while cooking. This kind of kitchen provides a large area for storage. Hacker Kitchens boasts of working on multiple gorgeous modular L-shaped kitchen designs in Hyderabad.

Parallel Wall Kitchen:

This small modular kitchen layout is best for when there is less area to work with. The entire space is dedicated to you as you work and is the most efficient layout, as everything is within reach and can be accessed easily. As this is a smaller area, it cannot allow for an island. However, this style can be used when the kitchen is in a passageway leading to a balcony.

Single Wall Kitchen:

This Kitchen layout is similar to the L shaped kitchen as it allows space to move around and can accommodate a dining table. It does not require much space and is ideal for studio apartments. An island goes well with this style, so it adds to the workspace and serves as a place for the family to come together.

U-Shaped Kitchen:

This popular kitchen style is best for when you have a larger area to work with. If there is a large space, then it can all be divided into sections for washing, cooking, and preparation. This area could allow a place for a dining table or an island.

Peninsular Kitchen:

A peninsular kitchen or a g-shaped kitchen is a stylish model that adds a twist to the L-shaped kitchen. It allows for an additional 4th side that is short, the size of an island. It can be a space for display or to entertain.

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