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Materials used to create the perfect Modular Kitchen.

Kitchens are a reciprocation of one’s personality. As modular kitchens are on high demand, several options have come into existence. The fact that it can be dismantled & assembled again is one aspect of convenience. Due to its popularity, modular kitchens have been designed, combined with different materials.

1. Laminate –

A material like laminate gives you an enduring finish and is also easy on the pocket. Other factors that help in making it a favourite product is that it is heat and moisture-resistant. Cleaning is an easy task as it is very durable.

2. Ceramic –

A material which is often used in tiles is also used in designing kitchen islands. This material is opted for due to its qualities such as endurance to heat, weight and chemicals. As we often use appliances on the kitchen tops, ceramic is a benefit as it is electrically insulated.

3. Stone Veneer –

The versatility of stone veneers allows you to install it throughout the interior and exterior of your home. Colour variations are design-friendly. They can tone down and add elegance to your kitchen with bold colours, or they can give a pop of texture and colour to neutral schemes.

4. Lacquer High Gloss –

Lacquer is usually used on wood as it goes deeper and penetrates it, to form a protective layer that helps wood stay durable. It is a preferred product as it dries within 15 minutes and is easy on the pocket.

5. Concrete –

This material is used mostly for countertops. It can be custom-sized to any kitchen configuration. It is a material which is durable and is easy to clean. To enhance the look of your countertop, it can be embedded with glass, shells et cetera.